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What kind of Cane do I Need?

 What is the best cane for Me?

Most first time buyers have little to no information about what kind of cane they should use or would like to hold. There are a multitude of cane handles to choose from that are meant for weight bearing while others are strictly for balance, fun or collecting. We hope the following information is helpful as you make your selection. Remember, you can always give us a call if you would rather talk to someone in person by calling our toll free line 1-866-217-8091 or emailing us .

Cane Handle Styles

Hook/Crook/Tourist Handles

A Hook/Crook/Tourist handle is one of the first canes made. Many people love this cane handle because it is very convenient to hook onto arms, chair backs, door knobs etc. For others, the crook walking cane enables them to use it as a way to walk with an even gait. The rounded handle allows for a natural swing which helps the user to walk with a rhythmic pace. A crook handle is also one of the stronger canes as it is usually made from one piece of wood. The only challenge with this handle style is that there is nothing to stop your hand from slipping down the shaft should it start to slip. The Hook/Crook/Tourist handle can be used in either the right or left hand.

 Derby, J-handle and Anatomical Handles

The most common cane handle sold is one with a Derby Handle. This handle, as in the majority of handles, are made to encourage the user to place their weight directly over the shaft. The derby, J-handle and the anatomically correct handle have a curve on the end which acts very similarly to the crook handle allowing them to hook onto arms, chair backs, door knobs and more. The derby and J-handles are made to use in either the right or left hand.

Fritz, Shovel and T-Handle

Fritz, Shovel and T- handle canes are all very similar in that they all have flatter handles. The Fritz handle was invented hundreds of years ago by a German prince for those suffering from Arthritis and felt that this type of handle was more comfortable. As you can see, the shovel and T-handle provides a similarly flat handle. These three styles are made to use in either the right or left hand with the Fritz being used so that the longer piece is pointing behind the user. Wrist straps can be added to these walking canes to provide the user the ability to hook their cane to their arm when shopping or at any time they need two hands.

Ergonomic Handle/Over Mold/Contour Palm

An Ergonomic handle is one that is built to fulfill two goals - health and productivity. We offer a variety of walking cane styles built to support your palm in this fashion. The rubber overmold grip provides superior comfort slowing down hand fatigue and is made for either hand. The contour and palm grip canes have similar design and are left or right hand specific but they are both unique from the other. The contour grip has a smaller grip which some people prefer better and it also directs the user’s weight directly over the shaft. The palm grip or fisher handle offers a wider grip with a little lip to offer more form to the shape of the handle. A palm grip cane is created in a way that places the users’ weight off center, so if you put a lot of weight on a cane a contour grip may offer more piece of mind. Because these handles help to distribute weight over a wider area on top of providing ergonomic support, this handle style is well received by many people as a way to relieve hand fatigue.

Opera Handle or L-Shaped

An L-shaped or Opera handle can be found in all styles of walking canes from natural to dressy. It is not as popular as a weight bearing cane like the Derby handle mainly because the user can’t direct their weight over the shaft. Undue stress is placed on the joint of a two piece cane when the weight of a person is not directed properly over the shaft. Though, if it is a one piece cane, the L-shaped handle like the crook cane is strong. This style is made to use in either the right or left hand with the longer piece pointing behind the user. Wrist straps can be attached to the shaft to provide the ability to hook the cane to their arm when shopping or at any time they need two hands.


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