Friday, April 26, 2013

Who have you been leaning on?

It distresses me when I hear people tell me how they “hate” using a cane and will try to avoid it at all costs. What people done realize is the actual “costs” associated with not using a cane or walking aid when needed. Canes and other walking aids give us freedom and independence.
Anyone who has had to rely on one should be able to tell you the benefits of using a cane that is the correct length a comfortable grip and used properly to help offset your weight to provide pain relief as well as the extra security of being balanced when we walk. When we use a family member as a support – or offer to let a family member use us as a support, we tend not to think of the long term injury that can be caused. Anytime we put additional weight on one side of our body, other muscles have to compensate causing strain and possible injury of them as well.
Common sense should tell us that it is OK to offer assistance to someone in need, however it your spouse is constantly using you instead of a cane, you may find that sore shoulders, arm, knee and back aches showing up over time as you must adjust your gait to accommodate the extra weight being constantly applied to one side.
The same is true for people who make the decision to use a cane that their Uncle, Mother, Friend had been using and it is either too long or short for you. Even if you are approximately the same height, because body type differs you need to make certain that the cane you are using is fitted correctly to you. Using a cane that is too long or short will put constant strain on muscles that will result in long-term problems with necks, shoulders, backs etc.
To use a cane the way it was meant to be used follows a few very basic rules.
Number One is that the cane is being used to improve your balance by bearing some of your weight on the injured side. Imagine a tri-pod, when using your cane you should be stepping out with your injured side and your cane at the same time thus allowing your weight distribution to be even helping your gait to be more natural.  Click here to see how to walk with a cane.
Is it the correct length? Is the grip comfortable? And lastly, have you checked for wear & tear on the tip - checked to make sure there are no cracks or bowing that would interfe with the integrity of the  cane. 
Of course, It is always best to discuss your individual situation with a knowledgeable professional to determine the best way for you to walk with a cane.
Take a moment to see some of the stylish canes  that have just arrived for spring at

And the Winner IS.............

Congratulates !!!
to the winner of the Fabulous Traveler's Hiker is Deb T, from Victoria, BC. 
"My most memorable hike was a few years ago when my girlfriend was visiting from Edmonton. We went to Johnson Canyon. It was a wonderful warm winter day, a light snow was falling making it a winter wonderland. The waterfalls were frozen and we stood with snowflakes falling on us watching ice climbers. Following the path, we chatted with other hikers who were also enjoying the tranquillity of the forest. It was a wonderful day to share with a very close friend. The only thing that would have made this hike better would be a walking stick, as the paths were sometimes icy."
Thank you for the opportunity to enter,
Deb T.
And even better Deb shared a couple of picture of here memorable hike to Johnson Canyon with us.  (below).
Congratulates once again Deb, and we know you'll enjoy hikig with your new Traveler's Hiking Stick!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Win a Traveler's Walking Stick!

‘Tis the season when both new and veteran hikers are checking their equipment and waiting with anticipation for the new hiking season to begin. would like to help by giving away a Traveler's Walking Stick to one lucky blog reader.

The Traveler's Walking Sticks  (valued at $68.00) are a quality made, attractive turned wood and very stable.  It had the added feature of breaking down into three equal pieces for ease of packing and travelling. This Walking Stick is a joy to own and loved by all who have one.


As with anything there are a few rules and other stuff that you have to do to be eligible to be the lucky one, so take a moment to read the following and then send us your story.

Rules and other Stuff to know:

Contest runs from March 15, 2013 until midnight (MST) April 15, 2013
Send us the story of your most memorable hiking experience in less than 1,000 words, include a picture or two if you like and make certain you have sent it off to before the deadline of April 15, 2013.
You must be over the age of majority in the Province or State you reside and include your full name, address, phone number(s) and e-mail with your entry. will draw the winning entry on April 16, 2013 and contact the winner. reserves the right to publish any of the stories received, but will however not include any individuals contact information for your privacy. All entries become the property of  The prize is one Traveler's Walking Stick and does not include shipping charges should the recipient want the item shipped.  Shipping charges are the full responsibility of the winner; will help to facilitate shipping if requested. Winner has 30 days from the date of contact to pick-up or arrange for shipping the Traveler's Walking Stick.  The prize cannot be exchanged for another product and has no cash value. Odds of winning are dependent upon number of entries received.  Only one entry per household please.

Friday, March 15, 2013

What is your First Aid Kit Missing?

What is your First Aid Kit Missing?

Many things come to mind when stocking our home emergency medical kit, one item consistently fails to make it – A Cane or Walking Stick!

 Most often when we think of using a walking cane or stick, we tend to think of it as an last resort aid that people  are forced use on a permanent basis.  This assumption has made us fail to even consider why this should be a staple part of your Kit!

Using a walking cane or stick for periods of time during the healing process of a sports injury be it muscle, tendon or breaks of the leg, knee, ankle, foot.  Back injuries will also benefit from the extra support a cane or walking stick provides.

The extra support that you are providing the injured area will result in your being less likely to re-injure, provide additional pain relief and even shorten the overall healing process by.

Giving your body the added reinforcement it needs for weight bearing and balance during this time will help protect any vulnerable areas when needed most.

Of course this doesn't mean that everyone in the family should be fitted for a cane, a simple adjustable cane that can be readjusted in length for the person needing it for a short period of time can be just the ticket.

Worried about where to keep that cane?  You can always look for a folding adjustable cane or walking stick that can easily pack away when not in use.

The folding adjustable cane or walking sticks also a fantastic item to toss into your suitcase when traveling.  Often times when we are traveling, we are walking more as well as walking on different types of terrain that could affect our balance.

Carrying a folding adjustable cane or walking stick will provide the extra stability and support to compensate any fatigue we may be feeling.

And if not for you – how about for visiting family and friends?  Whether visits are occasionally or frequently, offering your guests a little extra support and safety during their visit when needed will certainly make you the host with the most!

Of course when ever you use a walking cane or stick, it is important to make certain that it is sized correctly for you and that you are using it properly to avoid any cane related injuries.

For further information on the proper length for your can as well as how to walk with a cane please click here.  (will embed links as well as pictures of adjustable and folding adjustable canes and walking sticks that link back to page

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Are Stairs Causing you Worry?

Canes Canada Inc. is now partnering wiht ACORN STAIR LIFTS!

ACORN STAIRLIFTS - Worried about using your stairs? An Acorn stair lift can help.

Acorn stair lifts benefit from contemporary design and the very latest innovation in direct current (DC) battery power. Acorn was the first manufacturer of stair lifts that powered their stair lifts with the use of DC battery power. The advantages of smooth power delivery and the ability to operate during power cut have made the DC battery a standard in today’s stair lifts.

Acorn stair lifts have more standard features!

Easy to use Paddle control, Smooth start/stop. action Infra-red remote controls with Digital status display, Swivel Fold-up seat & footrest Safety cut-out sensors Lockable isolation switch.   Maintenance free DC power Electronic and mechanical braking systems, Near silent .  Operation Designed for simple installation.

Available Stair lifts include;

Straight Stair lifts - Curved Stair lifts - Outdoor Stair lifts

If a stair lift would make your life easier, please call us to arrange for an Acorn Stair lift representative to contact you for a no obligation quote., your Canadian on-line retailer of fashionable walking canes and hiking sticks for people with Style and Adventure in Mind.

                 404-217-8091                       North America Toll Free 1-866-8091

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Undue wear and tear on your wrist, elbow, shoulders and lower back can be avoided by walking with a cane correctly. Your best choice is to have your physician or physical therapist help fit your daily-use cane. If no professional help is available, these instructions will assist you in creating a comfortable fit.

The first thing to do is make certain that the cane you have chosen is the correct length for you.

It is always best if you have someone else do the measuring, your Doctor or Physiotherapist are always a good choice, but if not available, below is a general outline on how to measure for a cane.

  • Find someone to help you measure yourself so they can ensure that you are standing correctly.
  • Put on the shoes you most often wear stand on a hard surface.
    • If you regularly wear shoes with different height heels, consider getting canes that can be sized to the different heights or looking for an adjustable cane.
  • Stand upright in a relaxed stance.
  • Choose the hand you will use. Normally it is the opposite of the injury but in some cases it is the same. Talk to your Dr. or physiotherapist to determine the correct side for your situation.
  • Hang your arm loosely at your side. Your elbow should have a nice bend in it. Not straight nor overly bent. The final bend to your elbow when walking with the cane will be approx. 15 – 20 degrees if measured correctly.

From here you have two options.

First option: with your arm hanging loosely at your side (natural bend), you can measure from the floor to the crook of your wrist right below your thumb. (The wrinkle that separates your hand from your arm.)

Second option: place your elbow at the 15 – 20 degree bend and measure from the floor to the centre of the crook of your wrist. (15 degrees is 1/6 of the arc of your arm when it swings from vertical to horizontal

Either of the above methods should give you the same measurement.

Walking canes are generally sold at 36” with some as tall as 44”. The majority of us will need to have our canes sized before we use them. If you are seeing a physiotherapist, they will be able to measure you. For a full set of instructions see our “Sizing Your Cane” above or in our FAQ on our home page. We have a chart below to give you a general idea of what size of cane an individual should walk with. Please note, everyone’s body size is unique and they should be measured to determine the actual length needed.

User’s Height Approx Cane Size
5’– 5’3” 30”- 32.5”
5’3– 5’6” 32.5”- 33.5”
5’6– 5’9” 33.5”- 34.5”
5’9”– 6’ 34.5”- 36”
6’ – 6’3” 36” - 39”

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Customer Referral Program Client Referral Program


Recommending to someone you know is the best compliment you could give, because your satisfaction is ultimately what fuels's success!’s goal is to provide every customer with the best personal customer service experience.

Do you know someone who would benefit from our products and services?

If you answered yes…you’re on your way to great rewards.

It’s simple;
  1. Refer your friends to
  2. Let them know to tell us your name when they make a purchase (if you have to, be sure to write it down for them!).  When making their purchase on-line let them know to put your name in the "how did you hear about us?" or "Comments/Instruction" box when they are checking out of the on-line shopping cart.
  3. For each first purchase your friend makes with Canes, we will send you a % discount certificate to apply to your next purchase.  You can collect discount certificates to a maximum of 25% off your next order!


Terms and conditions apply***

            ***Each discount coupon can only be used once ****
  • 10% discount on a minimum order of $50.00
  • 15% discount on a minimum order of $75.00
  • 25% discount on a minimum order of $100.00
  • There is no time limit to collect the maximum discount of 25% on one order;
  • Purchases are restricted to a maximum of 25% off a  purchase minimum purchase of $100.00
  • Discount can not be used for hand carved items or discount/sale items.
  • Discount can not be used against the cost of Shipping and Handling.

About was founded in 2001 for those looking to buy a walking cane to match their personality. It is our belief that no one should be ashamed of or even hesitant to consider using a cane. Llano Gorman, the president of Canes Canada Inc, knows first hand what a difference using a cane with distinction makes to ones self image. It is our goal to help everyone Walk with a Smile and to Walk in Style ®. We invite you to look through our selection of walking canes on our online store, call us with any questions at 1-866-217-8091 or e-mail us at

Thank you for Leaning on Canes Canada!

What kind of Cane do I Need?

 What is the best cane for Me?

Most first time buyers have little to no information about what kind of cane they should use or would like to hold. There are a multitude of cane handles to choose from that are meant for weight bearing while others are strictly for balance, fun or collecting. We hope the following information is helpful as you make your selection. Remember, you can always give us a call if you would rather talk to someone in person by calling our toll free line 1-866-217-8091 or emailing us .

Cane Handle Styles

Hook/Crook/Tourist Handles

A Hook/Crook/Tourist handle is one of the first canes made. Many people love this cane handle because it is very convenient to hook onto arms, chair backs, door knobs etc. For others, the crook walking cane enables them to use it as a way to walk with an even gait. The rounded handle allows for a natural swing which helps the user to walk with a rhythmic pace. A crook handle is also one of the stronger canes as it is usually made from one piece of wood. The only challenge with this handle style is that there is nothing to stop your hand from slipping down the shaft should it start to slip. The Hook/Crook/Tourist handle can be used in either the right or left hand.

 Derby, J-handle and Anatomical Handles

The most common cane handle sold is one with a Derby Handle. This handle, as in the majority of handles, are made to encourage the user to place their weight directly over the shaft. The derby, J-handle and the anatomically correct handle have a curve on the end which acts very similarly to the crook handle allowing them to hook onto arms, chair backs, door knobs and more. The derby and J-handles are made to use in either the right or left hand.

Fritz, Shovel and T-Handle

Fritz, Shovel and T- handle canes are all very similar in that they all have flatter handles. The Fritz handle was invented hundreds of years ago by a German prince for those suffering from Arthritis and felt that this type of handle was more comfortable. As you can see, the shovel and T-handle provides a similarly flat handle. These three styles are made to use in either the right or left hand with the Fritz being used so that the longer piece is pointing behind the user. Wrist straps can be added to these walking canes to provide the user the ability to hook their cane to their arm when shopping or at any time they need two hands.

Ergonomic Handle/Over Mold/Contour Palm

An Ergonomic handle is one that is built to fulfill two goals - health and productivity. We offer a variety of walking cane styles built to support your palm in this fashion. The rubber overmold grip provides superior comfort slowing down hand fatigue and is made for either hand. The contour and palm grip canes have similar design and are left or right hand specific but they are both unique from the other. The contour grip has a smaller grip which some people prefer better and it also directs the user’s weight directly over the shaft. The palm grip or fisher handle offers a wider grip with a little lip to offer more form to the shape of the handle. A palm grip cane is created in a way that places the users’ weight off center, so if you put a lot of weight on a cane a contour grip may offer more piece of mind. Because these handles help to distribute weight over a wider area on top of providing ergonomic support, this handle style is well received by many people as a way to relieve hand fatigue.

Opera Handle or L-Shaped

An L-shaped or Opera handle can be found in all styles of walking canes from natural to dressy. It is not as popular as a weight bearing cane like the Derby handle mainly because the user can’t direct their weight over the shaft. Undue stress is placed on the joint of a two piece cane when the weight of a person is not directed properly over the shaft. Though, if it is a one piece cane, the L-shaped handle like the crook cane is strong. This style is made to use in either the right or left hand with the longer piece pointing behind the user. Wrist straps can be attached to the shaft to provide the ability to hook the cane to their arm when shopping or at any time they need two hands.


About was founded in 2001 for those looking to buy a walking cane to match their personality. It is our belief that no one should be ashamed of or even hesitant to consider using a cane. Llano Gorman, the president of Canes Canada Inc, knows first hand what a difference using a cane with distinction makes to ones self image. It is our goal to help everyone Walk with a Smile and to Walk in Style ®. We invite you to look through our selection of walking canes on our online store call us with any questions at 1-866-217-8091 or send us an e-mail at

Walk with a Smile and Walk in Style with

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Rainbow Collection - Select Colours on Sale while stock lasts!

Our Rainbow Collection is handmade for and has up to 23 pieces of natural wood laminated together to make not just a cane, but a piece of Wood Art.
Each of these canes are individually turned so each cane is unique and one of a kind.
The colour pattern and twisted shaft really make this cane fun and fashionable.  Many of our clients have made this stylish cane one of their favourites for daily use.
(sale applies to in stock only)