Friday, February 22, 2013

Are Stairs Causing you Worry?

Canes Canada Inc. is now partnering wiht ACORN STAIR LIFTS!

ACORN STAIRLIFTS - Worried about using your stairs? An Acorn stair lift can help.

Acorn stair lifts benefit from contemporary design and the very latest innovation in direct current (DC) battery power. Acorn was the first manufacturer of stair lifts that powered their stair lifts with the use of DC battery power. The advantages of smooth power delivery and the ability to operate during power cut have made the DC battery a standard in today’s stair lifts.

Acorn stair lifts have more standard features!

Easy to use Paddle control, Smooth start/stop. action Infra-red remote controls with Digital status display, Swivel Fold-up seat & footrest Safety cut-out sensors Lockable isolation switch.   Maintenance free DC power Electronic and mechanical braking systems, Near silent .  Operation Designed for simple installation.

Available Stair lifts include;

Straight Stair lifts - Curved Stair lifts - Outdoor Stair lifts

If a stair lift would make your life easier, please call us to arrange for an Acorn Stair lift representative to contact you for a no obligation quote., your Canadian on-line retailer of fashionable walking canes and hiking sticks for people with Style and Adventure in Mind.

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