Friday, March 15, 2013

What is your First Aid Kit Missing?

What is your First Aid Kit Missing?

Many things come to mind when stocking our home emergency medical kit, one item consistently fails to make it – A Cane or Walking Stick!

 Most often when we think of using a walking cane or stick, we tend to think of it as an last resort aid that people  are forced use on a permanent basis.  This assumption has made us fail to even consider why this should be a staple part of your Kit!

Using a walking cane or stick for periods of time during the healing process of a sports injury be it muscle, tendon or breaks of the leg, knee, ankle, foot.  Back injuries will also benefit from the extra support a cane or walking stick provides.

The extra support that you are providing the injured area will result in your being less likely to re-injure, provide additional pain relief and even shorten the overall healing process by.

Giving your body the added reinforcement it needs for weight bearing and balance during this time will help protect any vulnerable areas when needed most.

Of course this doesn't mean that everyone in the family should be fitted for a cane, a simple adjustable cane that can be readjusted in length for the person needing it for a short period of time can be just the ticket.

Worried about where to keep that cane?  You can always look for a folding adjustable cane or walking stick that can easily pack away when not in use.

The folding adjustable cane or walking sticks also a fantastic item to toss into your suitcase when traveling.  Often times when we are traveling, we are walking more as well as walking on different types of terrain that could affect our balance.

Carrying a folding adjustable cane or walking stick will provide the extra stability and support to compensate any fatigue we may be feeling.

And if not for you – how about for visiting family and friends?  Whether visits are occasionally or frequently, offering your guests a little extra support and safety during their visit when needed will certainly make you the host with the most!

Of course when ever you use a walking cane or stick, it is important to make certain that it is sized correctly for you and that you are using it properly to avoid any cane related injuries.

For further information on the proper length for your can as well as how to walk with a cane please click here.  (will embed links as well as pictures of adjustable and folding adjustable canes and walking sticks that link back to page

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  2. Thanks Kaitlyn, I hope you enjoy our upcoming blog about the proper way to walk with a cane. And remember I'm here to Lean On for all your questions on canes, crutches, walking sticks and accessories, The Cane Man